Whitman International Week 2012


Whitman International Week pic

The Annual Whitman International Festival , 2012

“The Kiebach Center for International Business, the Whitman Graduate Student Organization and the Dean’s Office are proud to present the 2012 Whitman International Week. The Whitman International Week is an annual multicultural five-day event developed to bring together the SU community in celebration of the cultural diversity present in the undergraduate and graduate student body at the Whitman School. The event is free to the public and is held at the SU main campus. Students can showcase their heritage by representing their home countries in native cuisine, ethnic dance and music, international sport games and international talents such as calligraphy, henna art, and origami” (Whitman School of Management website)

This year’s events included:

  • Whitman International Film Festival
  • Whitman Olympics
  • Whitman’s Got Talent (WGT)
  • Whitman World Tour
  • Whitman “World on My Plate”

Managed, Led & Organized by: Shubhankar Goel (VP Whitman Graduate Student Organization)

Source: Whitman School of Management website, 2012

Link: http://whitman.syr.edu/newsroom/News.aspx?id=1809


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